15 August 14     Steve is great - I saw a friends post & promptly took my partner to see Steve - he has been suffering major headaches for weeks - within 10 mins of seeing Steve it had GONE! He's been fine since. I had a great result too & yesterday he came to see my ponies so I am sure they will be good too. Recommend Steve - Awesome service & a great price!

I was surprised how quick and non-invasive this treatment was, definitely relieved the sore nerve and helped me towards recovery. - Amy

I woke up one day with sore neck. I couldn't turn to left or ringt. It was extremely painful. But with Steve's magic hands I was able to move my neck just in 2 minutes. It was still a bit sore. Steve said it will be alright in 2 days. And it was. I didnt have to take any painkillers or any other medicine at all. Many thanks to Steve. Netra

Still haven't had any leg pain since I saw you which is fantastic as I've been struggling with sciatica for a year now, Thank you Dan

After weeks and weeks of physio twice a week and things not getting any better with my back pain I was recommended by a friend to go and see Steve. I wish I had been recommended to see him right from the start not only would I have saved alot of $$ but I would have been able to enjoy a good nights sleep right from the start!​! The pain is now long forgotten after Steves magic hands fixed my back! Highly recommended to anyone who has any kind of back pain from a niggle to constant pain you will be totally amazed as to how he can help you in just a few minutes! Charlotte

i have been having back pain since agaes.​.​have a magnetic sheet too to relieve pain but still many times had such terrible pain that would be impossible to walk.​.​.​then an angel came in the form of steve who not only releived my back pain but was also be able to make me walk and wear heels which have not done for ages.​.​.​he is gentle, patient and now can enjoy life and have good sleep.​.​highly recommend him to all and the best part is he is not expensive at all. Shanu

Just a little note to say thanks for sorting my back out last Sunday morning. Immediate relief. I won't hesitate to call if I get another back problem and have mentioned you to another guy at work who has back problems. regards Cole

Hi Steve Here is Rena's testimonial: I am writing this on behalf of my 52-year female Chinese friend (Yan) who recently saw Steve for her severe, chronic back pain. Yan lifted a heavy household appliance almost 2 years ago and her problems started then. Excruciating pain in her upper back. Pain that soon became 24/​7. Pain that forced her to cut her work hours and spend hours lying down. Pain that persisted despite painkillers and treatments. We tried everything: ACC, doctors specialists, x-rays, MRI scan, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, painkillers, stick-on anesthetising patches from China, Chinese medicine.​.​. Yan was even considering flying to China to get an injection in her spine that was reputed to assist in such cases. The "experts" with their fancy certificates on the wall and high fees were saying that her joints/​discs were permanently damaged, and some even said she had a hereditary malformation in the upper back. Then one day I was talking to a friend about her situation. He mentioned some guy called Harley Blows. A Google search soon led me to Steve. What happened next blew us both away! . Steve gently treated her back for about 10 to 15 minutes. Immediately there was significant relief. I am talking about 90% relief! She was amazed and couldn't stop laughing and smiling. She went home and immediately stopped using the patches and other painkillers. And we cancelled the pending ACC application for more sessions of physio. Next week there was still a tiny 5% residual discomfort. We went to see Steve again. His 10 minute treatment made even this disappear. More amazement. The pain was totally gone, and now only a little weakness in the back remained. Steve said this should reduce as the muscles adjusted and strengthened. That happened as he said. We went a third time to Steve, just for good measure. After these 3 visits, she is now totally better - the pain is totally all gone. A new woman. And doing so much around the house and garden that I have to warn her not to overdo things. This is the closest thing to a miracle I have ever seen in all my life (and I am older than she is). It is a genuine and incredible healing for someone who was being told by all the "experts" that she would have this chronic pain for the rest of her life. Yan is telling all her friends about Steve If you have any kind of back-related issue, PLEASE do yourself a big favour and go and see Steve. Chris and Rena

Thanks heaps Steve , back and neck are fine, no headache , wish I knew bout what you do earlier , trust me won't be the last time I see you , cheers mate. Michael

i used steve for the first time and the result i got was great i found that i got movement back within the first 1/​2 hour and over the next few days the pain i had went, thank you so much for your help, and i will be passing your name onto my family and friends John.

When all else has not worked. Don't even do the all else just give this man a call. I was sceptical but was at my the end of my rope. I went to see Steve and after he had finished I thought is that it, this is never gonna work he is crazy. I eat all my words and swallow humble pie. I have not felt so good in years. Pain that I have just learnt to accept for the past 5 years is gone. Never thought I would be able to touch my toes ever again. I can now. Thanks Steve you are amazing. Elizabeth