Steve the BACKMAN has been trained by Ron Glavish in the style of Donald Harley Blows. I have been working and training with Ron for the last 4 years, my clinic is now open 7 days week, I have found that this is a great way of relieving pain that stems from the spine Common symptoms caused from the spine. Migraines Neck Restrictions Frozen shoulder / joints lower back aches Groin pain Head aches I have found that this method is a great way of helping people to be able to get relief and movement back very quickly. Trapped Nerves in the spine can be the cause of severe pain from the top of your head to the bottom of the feet, the style of gentle finger tip Manipulation releases the trapped nerves, which gives you back the movement that has been restricted, this does not stop the pain as this is caused by bruised nerves and inflammation, this will take about 5 to 7 days to go down, one of the best ways to speed this up is to apply cold packs to help bring out the bruising of the nerves


I work in a very gentle way with all animals, I do not use tools on any animals, I work on the animals spin in the same way as people, I find that this has achieved very good results.  this method is a great way of helping Animals to be able to get relief and movement back very quickly.

I do travel around working with the Animals so if you have any questions please contact me.


Steve has helped to alleviate many spinal issues both for ourselves and also our horses and retired greyhounds. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is having spinal issues or recurring headaches! He made a remarkable difference to one of our greyhounds, who was having difficulties laying down and jumping up on to things, but since seeing Steve he can now lay down without any issues and no longer struggles to jump on to the bed!

Hi Steve, just wanted to say big thankyou. Horses have now been ridden and are really happy after their backs were done, will have to get you back for the ponies      Kristene   17th August 2014   

15 August 14     Steve is great - I saw a friends post & promptly took my partner to see Steve - he has been suffering major headaches for weeks - within 10 mins of seeing Steve it had GONE! He's been fine since. I had a great result too & yesterday he came to see my ponies so I am sure they will be good too. Recommend Steve - Awesome service & a great price!              


The channelling of energy healing from a spiritual source into someone that needs it is called spiritual healing. The channel can be a person, called a healer, and the healing energy is channelled to the patient through the healer's hands. The healing does not come from the healer, but through him. The treatment works on the body, mind and spirit, which are seen as one unit that must be in tune with each other for good health. The healer will place he’s hands on the person being treated to channel the energy from the Higher Source. Healers believe that everyone has a healing that flows as an energy force around the body, mind and spirit, to keep them in perfect order. Spiritual healing provides the energy needed to kick our own healing source back into action. When a healer lays his hand on you, he acts as a channel for the healing energy which he believes will go where it is needed. All of us have the power to heal, if we choose to develop it. Well some do seem to have a healing gift. Healing does not always work; the illness may remain but the ability to cope with it improves. Sometimes it does not work at all. This may be because the sick person "blocks" the healing forces. It may also be because we "need" to remain ill. Healing is not about just living well, it’s also about dying well. People healed when they are dying may die peacefully. To begin the treatment the healer will attune with the healing energy. This may be done by pray. The healer will scan your body, with his hands moving just above you. This moving is to locate areas where healing is needed. How long the healer spends on each area is determined by your body's energy levels. This session can take between 15 minutes and an hour. Some healers use extra healing tools such as visualization, past lives; aura healing or they use the seven main energy centres of the body called "chakras". During the session you may feel heat coming from the healer's hands, although some people feel a cool air, a tingling sensation, or a feeling of light-headedness. After the session, most people say they feel relaxed and peaceful, you may feel thirsty or sleepy. Leave a bit of time between healings maybe a few days or a week to let the healing work. Spiritual healing can help with any problem, emotional, mental or physical